24 fevereiro 2010

Boys Cars and ..this shit is BANANAS!

Oh i would just looove to have a pink or a blue Bentley! OR BOTH! lol
Ok so i feel like school should wait a lot more to start haha
I saw Valentines day yesterday and Ashton looks great, i love it when he plays the good guy!
Pic of me: well its me and a crazyyy banana at Busch Gardens! He is shy you guys!

22 fevereiro 2010

Guns N´ Roses!!!!

12 dias, 8 horas, 15 minutos, e 47 segundos para o primeiro show no país, em Brasília!! OMG i love Axl Rose :)soo cute in that usa flag underwear!! I cant wait to go see their concert! :)

Pic of me: just woke up at grandma´s house.. nothing else to say hihi. Anyway não gostei da reforma do cinemark do Pier 21, serio what´s with the "clean" look anyway?!
Quote of the day: "If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts." Albert Einstein. Alright then XoXo

20 fevereiro 2010


Pic of me: from an iphone right before going out to one of the coolest partiess! lol

McCord looks great as always and in Dolce & Gabbana dress with boots by Aldo, and that reminds me that :0 I have loads of shoes from Aldo! they rock! Today was nice and i am sooo tired! alright darlings XoXo

19 fevereiro 2010

Cant wait!!

Tim Burton (one of my favorites) gets Johnny Depp (MY favorite) and makes a movie out of my favorite story! Can this get any better?! I just can't wait to watch it!
SOOO excited! :)

Well i love Lady Gaga as everyone knows, but i think she mixed up Marie Antoinette hair with "i'm a wedding cake" dress...I gotta say i like you (lady G) so much better when you're (almost) naked!

Picture of me: Thats just how excited i am to see Johnny Depp in that movie!!!

18 fevereiro 2010

Is this the best slap scene?!

Best slap ever! and that song?! Ting Tings rocked this scene!

Imagine that!

Ok photo of me: red lipstick M.A.C , you gotta love it! but i think it was too Ke$sha wanna be ya know just for the fact that i was wearing last night's eyeliner lol. and OH imagine that! You go to a club where Lady G is the DJ and Paris is...well she is just there! That would be soo cool i cant wait to see Lady Gaga's concert! alright XoXo

17 fevereiro 2010

not too big, not too thin!

Brit did it!! if she can do it, i can do it ! Today my body hurts a lot from wakeboarding, but i'll be ok! I feel like dancing tonight, and i WILL! XoXo

16 fevereiro 2010

big bow.

I still cant believe i had the guts to wear that dress to prom! it was AWESOME! haha i gotta say i love YvesSaintLaurent! I feels nice going crazy sometimes you know! "now hold on to me pretty baby, if you wanna fly" . XoXo

Ok that must suck falling on the runway! :/ Sorry Agyness!You're still gorgeous!

15 fevereiro 2010


Woke up in a good mood :) so i guess today will be a pool day. I really wish i had my house keys with me, but oh well. i don't like how this blog looks like yet so I'll work on it more later. Hats on, i dont want to get a tan! lol