24 agosto 2010

Love me some clogs!!

Hello my loves, here i come to tell you guys that clogs are soo comfortable!! i just got me some and i could wear them all day, even tho they look really tough and heavy they are actually light!! so here is some ways u can wear them! Mary kate is really a fan of clogs and i believe they came to stay!! Alright they enjoy, and oh btw i can't wait to see the little Smith acting in Karate Kid, that should be actually called Kong Fu kid, but who cares i love it already!

02 agosto 2010

HATS,As I promised!

Hello everyone! Seriously i've been busy lol but here it is! The subject of the day is: hats! Everyone has a hat, or many hats, depends on which one you can pull off, but here it the tip: you can pull any hat off ( except those GAGA ones), and that means that when it's hot wear ur panama or cowboy, and when its cold wear a cute wool hat or a throwback one! There it is sweeties, i promise i will keep up! lol
XoXo love y'all!